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5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Cloud File Server

Date: March 12, 2018 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Cloud Services Comments: 0

Have you adopted a cloud file server for your business? Your growth and continuity are at risk if you're using on-premise solutions. Here's how cloud storage empowers and protects your assets.

A cloud file server is a smart investment for any small business. The cloud offers outstanding safety, speed, and accessibility. It relieves you from the hassle of IT management.

Even large enterprises are leveraging cloud file servers for key business purposes. You can leverage the cloud to host software and even infrastructure. As a small business, cloud storage is an obvious place to start.

Cloud resources are affordable. Most third-parties price based on your usage, not packages. You can scale cloud resources as your business grows.

A cloud file server is a great first step into the world of cloud solutions. You can branch into additional resources from this pivot point.

What is a Cloud File Server?

Have you ever had a server fail? It's a frustrating experience for any small business. Sometimes it can lead to a disastrous loss of business-critical data.

Imagine you have a salesperson visiting a prospect. Will she have to call the office to get the information she needs? Your cloud file server can save her from such emergencies.

'The cloud' most often describes third-party servers companies use to host business-critical resources. Third-parties create secure environments in which companies can scale those resources. Companies enjoy near-endless scalability and access via any internet connection.

Today, at least 70% of U.S. companies are using cloud computing models. Those companies have discovered the security and efficiency benefits of the cloud. They've recognized that cloud is driving profitability as well.

Cloud storage provides limitless opportunities to store and archive business data. You needn't manage an on-premise server with limited space and vulnerability to disaster. Cloud service providers become partners in your business success as well.

There are a few different models you can use for cloud storage. Public clouds offer competitive rates for space partitioned for several companies. Private clouds are independent solutions that support greater privacy, security, and networking capabilities.

Storage is a more latent cloud solution. Software- and Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions may need more complex cloud offerings. Most small businesses using public or private resources have no limit to their success.

5 Ways Cloud Storage Drives Business Success

The cloud provides outstanding benefits for IT teams. Business leaders should acknowledge the value it brings as well. Here are five ways cloud storage benefits technology management and your bottom line.

1. Relief from Updates, Fixes, and Maintenance

Businesses differentiate cloud and on-premise solutions as investments. Most companies consider cloud an 'operating expenditure' or as overhead. On-premise systems are 'capital expenditures' in the same way as a piece of equipment.

This is an important distinction. That's because cloud service costs tend not to change, as they are functional. On-premise solutions are like equipment in that they become outdated or even outmoded.

Companies spend thousands of dollars and IT hours updating on-premise solutions each year. As an asset, on-premise solutions need manual testing and maintenance. Their cost in dollars and labor drag down their utility.

As a service, cloud environments are the responsibility of the provider. The provider manages updates, optimization, and security on behalf of clients. Small companies with limited IT resources needn't worry about these responsibilities.

2. Resources You Can Access from Anywhere

Most small business owners are on call 24/7. You need access to your resources anytime and anywhere. If you don't have cloud storage, you may be spending a lot of time on the phone requesting what you need.

You can leverage your cloud file server from anywhere to get those resources. Your provider helps you set up devices for this accessibility. Now you have limited access to resources and not just those in your inbox.

Taking on contractors? Set up a portal for them with limited access to key resources. You can empower all your business touchpoints, inside and out.

3. Unrivaled Protection for Business-Critical Data

On-premise solutions are vulnerable. They are a single unit in one heavily-used location. A single disaster or system failure could wipe your business out.

Your cloud file server provides unrivaled security and disaster recovery benefits. It's providers' business to keep their clients' resources safe and secure. The right organization has a stake in your success.

Business continuity in the cloud can help you retrieve any iteration of your data from any point in time. That way you can quickly resolve data loss. Providers utilize multiple servers to prevent a single incident from hurting your business as well.

4. Enjoy Benefits Unique to the Cloud

You need unique IT solutions for your business. Many businesses invest heavily in software to support their specific business needs. You can choose a managed services provider that fits those specifications exactly.

Cloud providers help you build detailed archives and advanced accessibility for your files. Determine how you want to leverage that data and work with them to create a custom solution. Save your IT team from hours of labor on solutions they will only need to update later.

5. Form a Winning Partnership

A cloud file server was once akin to a rented space. That format has evolved. The best providers become business partners, with a vested interest in your success.

Your cloud provider will call your solution "managed services." That's because the provider manages the IT responsibilities for you. You enjoy the benefits of a solution designed for your success.

The best managed services providers will take full responsibility for your IT infrastructure. They provide monitoring services and unlimited support. They are there for you at any time of day, just like you are for your business.

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