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6 Benefits of Having Computer Support Services on Speed Dial

Date: February 5, 2018 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Technical Support Comments: 0

Modern business relies heavily on computers for everything from payroll to customer support. Virtually every facet of your business revolves around computers in one way or another.

So it's no surprise that computers, despite how much they help, can also hurt business owners.

While not purposefully hurting businesses, computers break down. Software goes wrong, viruses appear, and hardware fails.

And what's worse, it's usually something you can't foresee or prevent. Sometimes manufacturers even release software with bugs that no one could foresee.

When problems like this arise, you need computer support services. Downtime hurts productivity, and thus your bottom line.

Not to mention the frustration customers might feel if your website or purchasing system isn't working. You're losing productivity and potential sales.

Computer Support Services: How Do They Work?

Simple, really. Instead of employing an IT department, you outsource your computer services to a third-party business.

They're able to provide cheaper services just because they're employing so many more people, and the economy of scale comes into play.

In fact, outsourcing, in general, saves money on nearly every facet of business, including IT.

The service is only a call away when something goes wrong. Just pick up the phone and get in touch with your provider.

Any reputable service is available 24/7 to help you with any issues, no matter when problems arise.

So how do computer support services work? They're always available, out-sourced IT that manages any computer troubles your business runs into.

And to show you how they'll help your business, we're breaking down the 6 benefits of having computer support services on speed dial.

1. Save Money

As we mentioned above, outsourcing IT services in any facet of business saves money. You're benefitting from the economy of scale.

Third-party companies have entire staffs of IT specialists on hand, while your company likely has a small IT department.

They're paying many people the same salary to solve the same issues over and over. This saves them time and lets them offer your business a lower price.

Instead of paying your own IT team a yearly salary, you can pay one lower fee to a third-party solution.

The third-party collects the lower 'retainer' fees of its customers and ends up saving money in the long-run.

What's more, in certain arraignments, the third-party handles all aspects of your computer support services.

This means hardware and software maintenance, which further shrinks your IT department and saves you money in the long run.

2. 24/7 Support

Your business likely runs 24/7, and your employees likely do not, and will not. Confused? We'll explain.

Your company probably has a website, and that website likely offers some form of purchasing, if not just general information about your product or service.

That information is available 24/7, and customers expect that it's always available. A single hour of downtime costs 98 percent of businesses $100,000 or more.

Quality third-party computer support services offer 24/7 support to make sure your website stays operational no matter what.

Even during the middle of the night, an outsourced service monitors your infrastructure and fixes any problems that arise.

3. Focus Your Business

Running a business is a full-time job. You're spending all your time managing clients, employees, building leads, and closing sales.

Managing your technical infrastructure, website, and even in-house computers takes valuable time away from running your business.

In fact, an average business owner works significantly longer hours than a normal employee.

Outsourcing solves this problem as well. The third-party service can manage all of your IT services, leaving more time to run your business.

This means not worrying about coordinating with your IT team when something goes wrong. Instead, you can relax while the support services keeps your tech running smoothly.

4. Increase Customer Service

Customers have less patience for customer support wait times than ever. An astounding 66 percent of customers expect a response within the same day.

Perhaps even more significant, over 40 percent expect a reply within the hour. There's no time to waste on trivial things.

And while running your tech isn't really 'trivial' it's not something you can afford to waste time on. Just like focusing on your business, customer support is crucial to business success.

If people don't get the support they need, they're likely to go elsewhere. Outsourced computer support services provide that extra time to help customers.

5. Scale Smarter

It's always the ultimate goal to grow your business. Expanding means success, and more revenue. However, expanding also means ramping up your IT infrastructure.

The more tech you're using, the larger an IT department is needed to make it work. And the larger the IT department, the more money it costs.

Besides salary, even hiring more IT people in a short amount of time costs extra money.

Third-party services allow your company to scale without hiring more people and adding extra salaries.

You can choose from specific outsourced 'plans' that automatically scale while your business grows.

Instead of hiring more people, simply buy more support from the third-party employees who're already staffed to help your business.

6. Third-Party Experience

Third-party computer support services see the same problems you're likely experiencing, day after day.

They know what to do when something goes wrong, and have an entire team of experienced specialists should a problem arise.

This means they can fix your systems quicker because they've been there and done that. While an in-house IT team might struggle to figure out the problem.

You'll see significantly reduced downtimes thanks to a team of employees who've seen every problem you might come across.

Outsource Your Own IT Today

Outsourcing your own computer support services is simple. All you need is a reputable company and a plan.

Our specialists can offer both. We excel at keeping your business running 24/7, saving you money.

We also pride ourselves on providing the right IT support solution for your business. Every business is different, with different wants and needs.

We'll take the time to make sure your custom IT solutions make sense for your business.

If you're ready to get started outsourcing your IT, get in touch with us. We'll start saving you money today.

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