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7 signs that your business is ready for cloud computing

Date: June 12, 2014 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: , , Comments: 0

Cloud Computing

7 signs that your business is ready for cloud computing

Are your IT systems in house but you’re starting to wonder if cloud computing could benefit your business? If so, here are seven signs that you’re ready for a move to the cloud:

1. You’re looking to expand your systems and services but can’t justify the upfront capital outlay it would require

With cloud solutions, you simply buy the service you require without having to buy, maintain and support the hardware and software to run it.

2. Your disaster recovery plan isn’t all it should be

In the event of a systems failure, how would your business cope? Cloud hosted solutions provide the answer as they are globally yet securely available, and highly fault tolerant.

3. Your IT infrastructure teams have to spend far too much time maintaining, upgrading and monitoring your systems

All these overheads become the responsibility of the IT support company who run the cloud system.

4. Data security is a major concern

It’s not uncommon for workers to save data to their computers or worse, removable storage devices that get lost. With a cloud solution, the data is securely available from anywhere. There is just no need to keep it anywhere else.

5. Your data backup policy could be improved

A cloud solution is the answer. This comes as part of the package with cloud hosted solutions so your valuable data can never be lost. This is also great for data retention and compliance purposes.

6. Your mobile workforce require remote systems access or you want to encourage a work-life balance policy to benefit your employees

Cloud computing helps with this as it’s securely available from anywhere. To be productive away from the office, all a remote worker needs is a computer or mobile device and an internet connection.

7. You want to reduce your carbon footprint

Reducing the carbon footprint from your systems helps the environment and saves you money. Instead of having to run a host of servers and services in a climate controlled environment with all the power consumption considerations, the onus is moved to the cloud service provider whose systems will be streamlined and more carbon efficient.

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