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About Us

About Us | NSIS SystemsNSIS Systems was formed in 2006 by Stephan Buys. More about us? NSIS Systems offers comprehensive UK IT support services. Our clients range from small to medium-sized businesses. NSIS Systems also provide backend support for public listed companies.

London Covent Garden

Your network must be always on, so your ability to reliably count on IT support should be too. That means providing IT infrastructure and service that guarantees minimum interruption to your business. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees you a live human engineer to contact 24/7 all year round. At NSIS Systems, a live human means a knowledgeable, fully-qualified engineer (based in London) that can arrive on your premises as soon as possible when remote control diagnostic tools are unable to resolve problems.

Professional, Prompt and Personable

Professional and prompt service is one of the main reasons our clients recommend us to others. We take pride in our ability to form long term partnerships with our clients. We have earned a reputation for dependable and courteous service at all hours of every day. We like to think that’s no coincidence. After all, we’re guided in everything we do and say by our strapline: “We’re always on”. Our clients have to be, and so is NSIS Systems.

Focused on Results

NSIS Systems stands proudly behind the knowledge that our London IT support services provide results in real, measurable competitive advantage for our clients. We help companies of all sizes meet the challenges of modern business transformation by improving their IT network and server infrastructure instilling IT best practices to secure tomorrow’s return reduced costs, increased revenues and market leadership today.

NSIS Systems provides comprehensive, cost-effective IT support services in the City of London that cover all aspects of a client’s network needs Installation, Monitoring, Disaster Recovery, IT Consultancy and Procurement through our in-house, London-based IT support team and other specialists.

Client engagement process with NSIS Systems