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April’s patch Tuesday brings six critical updates

Date: April 27, 2016 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: , , Comments: 0

April's patch Tuesday brings six critical updates
April's patch Tuesday brings six critical updates. Microsoft's monthly patch Tuesday for April arrived this week and it's a hefty one for businesses to digest, with a range of issues and security exploit flaws fixed across a range of products. Updates are now available for Windows versions up to and including Windows 10, the Edge web browser that ships with Microsoft's latest OS, as well as the Office suite. Six of the new updates are rated as critical, so if you manage your own updates, now will be the time to get installing them.

The most critical update affects all versions of Windows (, it resolves vulnerabilities across Windows, the .NET Framework, Office, Skype for Business and Lync. If left unpatched, users could be attacked through documents embedded with malware, or even by visiting a web page with malware-loaded embedded fonts.

Outlook users should be on the lookout for critical update MS16-042 (; this resolves a range of the latest vulnerabilities that exist within the email client. Another major update is for Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Edge browsers, there are several updates for these, fixing six vulnerabilities in each. That makes April one of the busier months for IE and Edge users, they have already received a critical Flash update, although even Adobe agree that Flash is now a dangerously vulnerable component ( and shouldn't be used in business systems.

All these weaknesses show just how vulnerable the modern PC is to attack, and who knows how long some of them have been acting as an open hole for hackers to attack your systems. These updates should be a wake-up call to any business not taking its IT security seriously.

Hopefully your office PCs are set to automatically install updates; if not, you should be on the case now, as hackers like nothing more than to prey on the slow and weak when it comes to IT vulnerabilities. If you have trouble managing your PCs and office IT, we provide IT support and services in and around London. We can help protect your office infrastructure from the latest threats, and ensure your company has adequate backup and disaster recovery protection in place.

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