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Avoid a IT DIY disaster

Date: June 17, 2014 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article IT Services Technology Tags: , , Comments: 0

IT DIY disaster - NSIS Systems

Avoid a IT DIY disaster

It’s one of the staples of situation comedy – the hapless individual who decides it’s simpler or cheaper just to do the job on their own. Carnage always ensues, before professional help eventually needs to be called in, usually after the problem or task has become much more difficult- and expensive.

This has a correlation in business, where a company decides to “wing it” and look after their IT needs themselves. There’s an old expression that “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. To an extent, this is true. In real life, the consequences are not as funny as they would be on screen. Unsolved problems can quickly have expensive consequences, both in the short and long term. Business can be lost, a hard-earned reputation damaged, unhappiness can abound through the people working in that environment.

If a problem arises within the IT processes of a company, the result can be that people end up running around simply trying to do something rather than knowing exactly what needs to be done.

Providing a truly workable solution

This is why, here at NSIS Systems, we have developed a trio of IT support services options to avoid such moments happening, and the subsequent costs to your business. The first sees us take full responsibility for your IT infrastructure, with our London monitoring systems making sure that our dedicated Support Team are always aware of its current status.

The second option offers a complementary support service to your own IT team. This is where “a little knowledge” is a good thing – if it helps us work together to understand exactly what your own team can accomplish and then add our support to complete the picture. This is particularly valuable, for example, when a major problems arises, or a team member is suddenly absent from work.

Finally, you are rightly confident that your team is on top of your IT Support needs, but there are always those moments when extra professional help can be valuable. That’s where our Pay As You Go option comes to the fore.

However you can make use of our services, we’re glad to help. This is true whether we support companies to help avoid the occasional moment of panic, or by providing ongoing peace-of-mind.

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