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Beware of more Windows 10 upgrade tricks

Date: May 26, 2016 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Cloud Services Technology Tags: Comments: 0

Beware of more Windows 10 upgrade tricks. Many businesses and users have upgraded to Windows 10, and Microsoft is very pleased to have them on board. Other users are happy with their Windows 7 or Windows 8 installations, and Microsoft is less pleased about this. The company is coming up with all sorts of ways to trick people into upgrading, which may cause trouble for some small businesses. In the majority of cases, any applications or files that worked on earlier versions of Windows will work fine on Windows 10, but for some businesses, users haven't been trained on Windows 10's features, there could be old apps that might not work, and the changes to security and privacy settings could cause all kinds of issues.

Regardless, increasingly people are coming into work and finding Windows 10 happily installing itself on their systems, thanks to new automatic update procedures or sneakily changed settings, which are affecting users around the world Another sneaky method of getting users to upgrade is to change the decline/agree buttons on the pop-ups, so that the "OK" button which used to make the upgrade pop-up disappear now gives consent to install Windows 10, and the upgrade will kick in, already having downloaded the files in the background. Another trick is to make the upgrade option almost impossible to dismiss .

While it is possible to roll back to your previous operating system, many users might stick with Windows 10, but be ignorant of the features, benefits and risks the new OS provides. Get in touch and we can explain the pros and cons, or help you get back to your old operating system. If you're still on Windows XP, you are not invited to this upgrade party, and your old OS is the one seriously at risk due to ancient security settings and a lack of updates. We strongly recommend those users update and are happy to help ensure they have a smooth upgrade process to a newer version of Windows.

Whatever your business needs, we can help provide IT support in the London area and offer disaster recovery and cloud solutions to help protect your data and systems.

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