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Cloud computing 'race to zero' could mean free, infinite storage

Date: November 13, 2014 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: Comments: 0

Cloud computing 'race to zero' could mean free, infinite storage

Cloud computing 'race to zero' could mean free, infinite storage

Such is the race to cloud computing today, and the race among tech firms to provide these keenly desired services, that a new term has emerged to describe ongoing slashing of prices and expansion of services. It's called the "race to zero", and for companies everywhere, there's a lot to profit from.

Tech giants such as Microsoft and its Azure cloud computing service are continually adding more benefits for their clients while making their services cheaper, which on the surface would appear to be a poor business strategy; but the thinking is that it will attract greater numbers of clients and therefore larger amounts of revenue.

A lot of this is possible due to the costs of hardware, which continues to plummet even as it becomes ever more powerful. Just look at this example: a decade ago it cost close to US$10,000 to store a gigabyte of data on a hard drive, but today it costs almost nothing – a mere 4 cents. Industry analysts are predicting that in a few short years, data storage at cloud-computing operations will be unlimited, and free. That's music to the ears of everyone with digital assets encompassing all manner of files.

If that forecast comes true, and there’s every reason to believe it will, it will mean greatly enhanced cloud services for companies, and at extremely low cost. It will make the notion of having a small in-house network seem vastly outdated, if not redundant. Along with being able to store as much data as you like, there will be the additional advantages of high levels of security and uptime; the ability to work remotely, from anywhere, due to ease of access to programs and files; and constantly updated software and upgraded hardware. It’s for these reasons that cloud computing is truly revolutionising businesses everywhere.

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