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Cloud services growing at astonishing rate

Date: December 1, 2014 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: Comments: 0

Cloud services growing at astonishing rate

Cloud services growing at astonishing rate

Just as the number of companies transitioning to cloud computing is soaring, so too are the number of services being offered by cloud-computing companies, demonstrating the enormous power of this fast-moving and highly desired sector.

Microsoft's cloud service, called Azure and believed to comprise more than 1 million servers, had previously been adding new services and features at a rate of around every three days, but now it's doing so every two days. Others in the industry are adding new features at an even higher rate – Amazon, for instance, has said that so far this year it has added 60 percent more services and features than in all of last year.

As the amount of features is growing, costs are coming down even further, making cloud computing even more attractive for companies everywhere.

In an interview with The New York Times, Microsoft’s head of engineering at Azure, David Campbell, said his teams were always working to ensure maximum efficiencies for the service and for its many clients around the world. In the early days of cloud computing – Azure launched in 2008 – that meant continually running lots of tests to see what worked best in terms of the hardware, software and the vast amounts of data hosted on it, said Campbell. Nowadays, however, it's almost automatic at Azure.

Everything moves faster in the cloud – much faster. Setting up a client and working out what's best for them and what fits in with their business requirements “takes hours, instead of months and years in the legacy world,” Campbell said. That's good news for companies everywhere, from those who are operating locally to globally, in marketplaces that are so tightly competitive that speed in IT operations is of the essence. It’s another reason more and more firms are ditching their expensive and cumbersome on-site networks.

No company today can afford to ignore cloud computing; if they do, they risk losing out in efficiencies and competitiveness to other firms. To discover how cloud computing can benefit the operations of your company, talk to top IT support company NSIS systems in London and they’ll be pleased to advise.

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