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Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

Enterprise grade IT Solutions.
Keeps up with businesses on the move.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

Business benefits
of EMS.

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Manage mobile productivity with Microsoft EMS

In a mobile-first, cloud-first world, communication is happening anywhere, everywhere; on many types of devices.

To support this environment, businesses need to instil greater flexibility within their working practices,
but this does not come without risk.

Enterprise Mobility Suite helps businesses mitigate risk, providing employees with secure and seamless access to
corporate email and documents, as well as familiar email and productivity experiences with Office mobile apps such
as Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

EMS helps protect corporate data on the device itself and beyond with four layers of protection
- all without affecting the personal data on the device.

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Better office management

EMS directly integrates with office mobile apps and is the only solution that brings managed mobile productivity with Office across device platforms.

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Extensive protection

Extensive protection of corporate email and documents across four layers. EMS helps to protect at the identity, device, application, and data layers.

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Single identity

Single identity for accessing corporate resources. EMS manages access to all corporate resources, both on-premises and in the Cloud, with single identity.

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Flexible architecture

EMS is designed to run in the Cloud from the ground up and work seamlessly with Cloud services such as Office 365, as well as with on-premises infrastructure.

Why move to Enterprise Mobility Suite

Enterprise Mobility Suite provides enterprise grade, IT solutions, for mobile device management and data protection, as well as costing a fraction the cost of other device management solutions. Enterprise Mobility suite provides your business with a whole host of benefits, some of which can be seen below;

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Identity management

Management of your identity and mobile devices.

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Enhanced security

Enhanced security through policy and encryption.

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Reduced cost

Up to 50% less that the cost of buying standalone solutions.

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Conditional access

Conditional access to devices, apps and data.

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On-premises, hybrid and cloud architectures.

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Cross platfrom

Cross-platform for iOS, Android and Windows.


Enterprise Mobility Suite presents a number of opportunities to help you increase the mobility and security of your workforce. We recommend that you get in touch with NSIS Systems the Microsoft experts who will help you evaluate the solution and make the right investment decision for your business.