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Cortana gets a boost in new Windows 10

Date: March 17, 2016 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: , Comments: 0

Cortana gets a boost
Cortana gets a boost. Microsoft’s new Windows 10 update has put the focus firmly on Cortana, with a raft of language updates and new firmware for the company’s Lumia phone range.

The system was only launched in July of last year, but new builds are a matter of course and the company is putting huge resources into turning Cortana into a rival for Apple’s all-conquering Siri.

It is now available in 14 languages, with Mexican Spanish, Brazilian Portugese and Canadian French joining the line-up. With the specific dialects proving so radically different to the base languages, these nations took longer to add to the Cortana arsenal, but Microsoft is ramping up its voice control system and it is not starting to look like a serious contender.

While mobile access to the internet has overtaken desktop access, voice control is now expected to surge ahead as the most popular form of internet access. Companies that are unprepared for the change should look ahead now and consider aspects like app control, as well as long-tail keywords formed by natural speech that could turn the world of SEO on its head.

IT support in London could be an invaluable asset right now as mobile access will change the way we use the internet, even though Windows has been left woefully behind when it comes to apps.

That is thanks to the prolific use of Apple and Android phones, the next generation of Windows phones promises to be something special, according to whispers from within the company. Cortana gets a boost. If the hardware proves to be a quantum leap over the current phones then there is no reason why Microsoft cannot make major inroads into the mobile phone market in the coming years and even seize the advantage from Apple and Samsung. That would inevitably mean the app marketplace would be forced to catch up.

Bringing Cortana up to speed is an essential part of the process as Microsoft’s voice-activated command system was a relatively lame duck compared to Apple’s iconic system. Now, with huge investment and the resources of the world’s biggest computer company behind it, perhaps one of the weak links in the chain could become one of Microsoft’s greatest strengths.

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