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Digital security fears rise with new hacks, but clouds are more secure

Date: October 27, 2014 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: Comments: 0

Digital security fears rise with new hacks, but clouds are more secure

Digital security fears rise with new hacks, but clouds are more secure

With new revelations of yet more security breaches at cloud-based services, this time with the file-storing firm Dropbox, many people remain wary of putting their digital assets on third-party servers – just as cloud-computing firms race to bolster their security measures against attacks.

Hackers posted hundreds of usernames and passwords on Pastebin, a site that allows users to post text for a limited time period, and claimed they had been stolen from Dropbox. They also claimed to have some 7 million more usernames and passwords from the site – an alarming prospect for any firm storing users' data – and demanded a virtual ransom in the form of a Bitcoin payment.

Dropbox denies its users' data were stolen, saying the usernames and passwords were swiped from "unrelated services", but whatever the case, it's yet another enormous security breach and will make individuals and companies everywhere more nervous than ever when storing material online. As if the alleged Dropbox incident wasn't enough, the messaging service Snapchat has also been hacked, with close to 100,000 photos and videos posted online – and Snapchat is a service designed around privacy because once seen, its messages instantly delete.

For companies that have based their networks in cloud-computing centres, there is not all that much to fear, however. Popular services such as Dropbox, Snapchat and others will always be targets, while data centres have a higher level of security and encryption obligation towards their clients. Stringent security measures are a key attraction of cloud computing, as well as the range of other efficiency and cost benefits they provide to companies. Recent disclosures of widespread surveillance on all kinds of networks by government agencies have only helped to increase security at data centres.

Protecting digital assets in the internet age is now a paramount concern for companies everywhere, however. The theft of company and customer data could prove ruinous, and so it’s especially critical that there’s a high level of IT support available at all times to ensure network integrity. If you’re unsure about your firm’s system security, contact London-based NSIS systems today for top-level advice and support.

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