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Docker and Rocket add allure to the cloud

Date: December 5, 2014 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: , Comments: 0

Docker and Rocket add allure to the cloud

Docker and Rocket add allure to the cloud

Microsoft's Azure is among the main cloud-computing services to have joined forces with an innovate open platform called Docker that employs what's known as container technology, which allows firms to more easily create and run websites as well as an entire ecosystem of apps.

So hot is this new technology in Silicon Valley right now that no sooner had alliances with Docker been forged by the major cloud operators than a rival sprung up – Rocket – with its own open-source software that companies can use to build their own systems.

Docker is essentially a platform for constructing distributed applications, and it works on three principles - Build: creating apps with Docker containers, and in any language; Ship: send the app to wherever you want – colleagues, the cloud or anywhere; and Run: utilising apps in the cloud and updating without any loss of downtime.

Microsoft announced in October that it would be making Docker available in an upcoming version of Windows Server. "Developers and organisations that want to create container applications using Docker will be able to use either Windows Server or Linux with the same growing Docker ecosystem of users, applications and tools," the company said.

What Docker aims to do is to speed up IT development and eliminate frictions in the various stages of the process; that means IT projects can be more quickly and easily realised, and can run on any device or virtual environment. To understand more about how Docker works, watch a short video presentation by founder Solomon Hykes here:

Microsoft says that such technology is essential in today's highly competitive marketplace, one that it says "requires higher levels of innovation than before" and that's the reason open source portability has become so prominent. Docker ramps up productivity with its containerisation system, so that app code at the various stages, from development to production, is done in real time.

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