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More governments starting to mandate cloud computing

Date: October 13, 2014 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: , Comments: 0

More governments starting to mandate cloud computing - NSIS

More governments starting to mandate cloud computing

In a clear sign that cloud computing is becoming ever more mainstream and commonplace, the Australian government is the latest to adopt the technology across its range of public bodies, in a move that is sure to see others follow suit after the UK and US governments earlier issued such policies.

Australian government agencies will no longer be able to update and upgrade their own IT systems but will have to transition their networks to cloud-based servers, with an emphasis on stringent security to protect data.

Just as in the business world, the Australian government sees the clear cost benefits of operating in the cloud, where vast numbers of servers in data centres provide huge economies of scale. It also means there's no need for firms – or governments – to have their own IT teams, which is one of the most expensive areas of running an in-house network, because data centres' staff handle it all and provide all the IT support necessary.

Another key benefit of cloud computing that's proving alluring to the private and public sectors is the availability of services no matter where you are: at work, at home, on the go – anywhere in the world. This helps to drive productivity right up and enhances the work experience.

Other advantages of cloud computing include automatic updates of software and ongoing upgrades to hardware, removing these time-consuming and costly tasks from clients. With multiple power redundancies at data centres, being online all the time is practically guaranteed – essential in today’s online world. Additionally, major data centres have been working in recent times to bolster their security measures, to prevent hacking and other attacks.

With a firm focus now on cloud computing, many firms are starting to wonder if they should ditch their own systems and make the move. At the outset of such a change, it’s clearly important to get advice before doing anything – the right kind of advice that addresses firms’ individual system needs.

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