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Is Microsoft Office 365 right for your business?

Date: April 28, 2016 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: Comments: 0

Is Microsoft Office 365 right for your business? Here at NSIS IT, we offer IT support for a huge range of Microsoft products, including Office 365. In case you are unfamiliar with the package, it is a cloud-based version of Microsoft’s traditional Office suite and includes such programs as Word and Excel alongside collaboration software. Because it is in the cloud, Office 365 can be updated and upgraded regularly and easily. You cannot purchase a copy of Office 365 outright. Instead, you subscribe to the software as a service and pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee. But is Office 365 right for your business, or should you stick with a more traditional Office suite?

There’s no denying that Office 365 has many advantages over more traditional versions of the package. The fact that it is constantly updated means that your software will always be on the cutting-edge and won’t fall behind the standards expected in your market sector. It is therefore useful for fast-moving, dynamic businesses that need to keep ahead of their competitors using the latest software.

What’s more, unlike its predecessors, Office 365 isn’t tied to a single device or group of devices; it can be accessed anywhere and at any time provided you have an account. This is fantastic for businesses with flexible work-structures that need their employees to produce work while on the move or while outside the workplace. It’s also fantastic for highly-mobile professionals who aren’t tied to a specific work area.

However, not every business needs the flexibility and cutting-edge innovation offered by 365. If your business offers straight-forward traditional products or services and has a fairly workplace-oriented working structure, you may not require the most cutting-edge software or the ability to work from multiple locales via the cloud. Furthermore, you may prefer to pay a one-off fee and buy your Office software outright than make a long-term commitment to subscription payments.

In summary, highly modern, flexible businesses should consider investing in Office 365, whereas more traditional businesses may prefer to stick with simpler software solutions that can be purchased outright.

Here at NSIS IT, we can offer you top-notch IT support regardless of what version of Office your business favours.

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