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The latest cloud computing figures you need to know

Date: March 26, 2015 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: Comments: 0

The latest cloud computing figures you need to know
Cloud computing – operating remotely from data centre servers, where data is also stored – is a relative technology newcomer, and like all tech, is rapidly evolving. What's true today may well be history tomorrow. So when companies make the transition to the cloud, or are considering it, it's essential to keep up with the latest developments in this extraordinarily in-demand sector.

You may well know that cloud computing offers a number of basic advantages over running your own on-site network. They include increased levels of productivity, improved access to data, stringent security measures and significant cost savings. There is also the ability to use the latest hardware and software technology as deployed by cloud computing firms, such as Azure from Microsoft - one of the leading global providers of such cutting-edge services.

Here at NSIS Systems, a leading IT support company based in London, we've put together a number of other things you should know, based on a range of surveys and studies. You can use these stats to decide if you should make the leap into the cloud or, if you've already made the move, to back up your earlier decision.

Such is the explosive popularity of cloud computing services that the sector has seen a massive 300% growth from 2008 up to 2014, when collectively it was worth an estimated US$150 billion. That makes its overall growth higher than the entire IT sector's by a factor of five. How many servers are being used in global cloud computing operations? It's believed around 50 million, in data centres dotted all around the world.

It's projected that by the end of this year, 91% of businesses everywhere will be using cloud services, from the current estimate of some 72% – and 76% of top executives at finance companies believe cloud computing is now an essential, if not critical, element in running their businesses.

Don't think the cloud will save your company money? Surveys show that the overwhelming majority of companies already operating in the cloud – 84% – say they have dramatically slashed costs since making the move.

The shift to the cloud is happening, and fast.

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