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Meet Cortana

Date: December 3, 2015 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: Comments: 0

Meet Cortana. One of the most fascinating features of the Windows 10 OS is its use of Cortana, Microsoft’s voice-controlled digital assistant. Cortana first appeared on Windows Phones; this is the first time that she’s been included as part of the standard software on a desktop and laptop operating system. But how significant is Cortana’s inclusion for Windows 10 users?

The Cortana software can carry out simple tasks (such as searching for information or accessing your music library) in response to voice commands. Obviously, this sounds inherently cool - today’s tech geeks can still remember when computers that responded fluidly to the sound of a person’s voice were confined to science fiction. However, Cortana’s presence on Windows 10 isn’t just cool, it’s actually rather important in a surprisingly subtle way. Some users may have trouble navigating visual, text-heavy interfaces due to problems such as poor eyesight or dyslexia. Cortana enables these users to navigate some of Windows 10’s functions in a natural-feeling and fast-paced manner. While this may not be revolutionary, it does represent a positive step towards a future where technology is equally accessible and usable by everyone.

The Cortana software is also capable of learning about its users in order to provide useful feedback, such as search suggestions. Of course, this is actually fairly common in modern computing technology, but it is still significant because it is combined seamlessly with Cortana’s voice-controlled capabilities and digital assistant functionality. In other words, it helps to create a digital assistant who really knows you and who can provide genuinely useful information. This can make it easier to keep track of the information you need while also making it simpler and more efficient to carry out certain functions.

For some users, the inclusion of Cortana in Windows 10 is simply a neat gimmick. However, we at NSIS IT have been providing IT support services in London for long enough to spot game-changing technology when we see it - we definitely recognise the potential importance of the Cortana software. The software has the power to make IT more accessible to users for whom text-reliant interfaces aren’t always appropriate while simultaneously making the experience of finding information and engaging with our computers smoother and more efficient for everyone. The fact that Windows 10 comes with Cortana may not represent a technological revolution, but it does represent an important evolution of the way we interact with PCs.

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