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Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform

Date: January 17, 2017 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: Comments: 0

Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform. Never a company to allow themselves to stand still for a moment, Microsoft are gearing up for a year of mobile technology for 2017 and beyond.

Developers are currently working tirelessly on a new suite of software cloud-based programs that are aimed at automobile users in particular.

According to a recent announcement at CES, the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform will include advanced satellite navigation and predictive maintenance to name but two ‘next-level’ driver aids.

Although it may look like an in-car operating system, Microsoft is quick to point out that this is not the case. Their EVP for Business Development, Peggy Johnson, prefers to refer to the software suite as a living platform that will continue to develop throughout the decade and into the future. Vehicle owners will be able to pick and choose which programs suit their own work and business requirements as they please.

The Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform is being developed on top of the Azure set of programs and should be previewed by the public sometime later in 2017. As well as the next level satellite navigation system, it will also feature more familiar programs including Cortana and Skype for Business. Microsoft has envisaged that once your vehicle has been set up with the complete suite of programs, it can combine its navigation instructions with your diary and use these details to automatically calculate your journey logistics without any manual input.

In terms of which car manufacturers are already looking to include this sophisticated software toolset into their established stable of vehicles, it is little surprise that Nissan is currently head of the queue.

Renault-Nissan’s Chairman, Carlos Ghosn, demonstrated at CES exactly how the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform works in harmony with their own latest products. His demo was a clear example of exactly how the likes of Cortana can help any driver meet their schedule timelines by offering shorter routes and even suggesting the best places to park along with an auto-parking function as the icing on the cake.

Microsoft has also hinted that the likes of Toyota, BMW and Volvo are lining up to equip their latest fleet with the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform.

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