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Microsoft Edge and Cortana: a match made in heaven?

Date: February 14, 2017 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: Comments: 0

Initial reviews were mixed in 2015 when Microsoft introduced their latest browser Microsoft Edge, then codenamed 'Spartan'. The new browser, branded to fit with the Internet Explorer brand, was labelled as promising but it was clear that additional features relating mainly to functionality were still required. As Edge gains momentum it is clear that Microsoft are going all out to make this the tastiest browser in town. Latest features for 2017 are set to include: in-built 3D functionality, exciting tab previews and increased extension developer capacity. As it turns out it could be that Edge's biggest fan is Cortana (Microsoft's voice controlled virtual assistant).

Whether you like her or not, Cortana has been an ever-present part of the Windows 10 experience since their anniversary update. Cortana has been on a self-improvement program and is looking good with her multi-language capability, her presence on your lock screen and her secretarial reminder abilities. Edge and Cortana it would seem are now productive and happy bedfellows. In this blog, we review their relationship and consider its future:

• Cortana makes Microsoft Edge look great, working with it to allow for additional information searches through simple keyboard highlighting.

• Cortana and Edge are a great team and work together to suggest web pages that might help you do your research, plan an evening out or even download an app.

• Cortana is the brains of the outfit with the ability to 'intelligently' perform tasks such as finding email addresses or saving calendar information. All of this would, of course, be useless without Edge's search capacity brawn.

The future of this relationship:

• Cortana will race to be the first to provide push notifications that are linked to your social media accounts.

• Cortana will soon be able to facilitate direct person to person communication.

• Edge will eventually lose its search box in favour of search technology (including Cortana) that is more embedded.

• Natural language processing will improve, allowing for the development of deep meaning architectures.

The big question is whether or not Microsoft Edge and Cortana's relationship will survive. We are suggesting not only that it will, but that it will soon seem like they were always together.

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