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Microsoft fixes critical security flaws in latest update

Date: June 16, 2016 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: Comments: 0

Microsoft fixes critical security flaws. Microsoft released its latest batch of software updates on 14th June, in the latest of its monthly Patch Tuesday updates. The release contains 16 updates, of which five are rated 'critical' and the rest branded 'important'.

The biggest of these is titled MS16-071 and it addresses a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows that allows strangers to execute code on your computer remotely when they direct the right request to a DNS server. If left unfixed, the bug can allow remote code execution on a DNS server, which could put all of your professional data at great risk. If your DNS server and your active directory are run on the same computer, this bug is even more risky if left unfixed, according to Microsoft.

Another important update mends a bug in Internet Explorer named MS16-063, which allows hackers to execute code remotely on your computer when you visit a specific website. Once executed, the code could give the hacker rights to view, move and delete files on your computer, and change user rights so that you can no longer log into your own account. Also included is a fix for a similar problem in The Edge browser.

The updates also mend a bug in Microsoft Office that allows the remote execution of code if a certain file is opened within the mail client.

In the same release, Microsoft alerted users to a vulnerability in currently used versions of Adobe's Flash, and working on a patch for this delayed the current update to the multimedia software. It promised an update fixing the problem, to be released by 17th June.

With these latest updates, the total for the year so far from Microsoft has been 81. If the company continues at the current rate, it is set for a record year of patches.

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