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Microsoft releases ‘Creators Update’

Date: April 13, 2017 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Tags: Comments: 0

Microsoft has now officially released its 'Creators Update' to Windows 10. A number of new features have been introduced or improved, and we're going to go through them here, as well as covering how you can get the update.

How to upgrade

If you're interested in grabbing the Creators Update, you can head to your settings app and then click the ‘Update & Security’ tab. From there, you should get a message asking if you'd like to download the upgrade.

The update's completely free. Microsoft have been working on it since October 2016, and there are a number of different features included.

Note: the updates will officially be staggered in order to avoid overloading the download servers.

What are the upgrades and new features?

MS Edge

Microsoft's browser has stepped up its game in the hope of grabbing more market share. New features include support for 4K Netflix, eBooks and a number of new Cortana tricks. The ability to save and restore groups of tabs has also been included.

3D Paint

Paint's been a popular feature in Windows for what seems like forever, but this year it's been given a real step-up. It's now possible to create full 3D shapes and to share them with your friends. Even more impressively, you can send them directly to a 3D printer.

Blue light reduction

It's no surprise that this feature has been finally introduced, given that it's now available on virtually every mobile device.

App throttling

You can now choose to prioritise different apps and throttle those in the background so they don't use up too many resources. The 'game mode' will be particularly suited to those hardcore players, offering the chance to completely prioritise smooth running over background tasks.

Security centre

Microsoft has streamlined its security features, putting them all in one dashboard. For businesses in particular this is ideal, and will allow users to carry out checks and make changes in one place. Essentially, it's Microsoft's own version of the popular security suites such as Avast or AVG.

Built-in broadcasting

Microsoft has introduced Beam, its equivalent of Twitch. Promising sub-second latency, Beam will allow for much less lag and the opportunity for streamers to add participation buttons for viewers in real time. Beam is a free service, and can also be linked to an Xbox.

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