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Microsoft reveals how Game Mode in Windows 10 will work

Date: February 2, 2017 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: , Comments: 0

Microsoft has revealed they are adding Game Mode for Windows 10, which will optimise the system when playing video games. We've been aware this feature was forthcoming for a week or two, but Microsoft have started getting specific on exactly how the new feature will function.

It seems that Game Mode is specially designed to optimise gameplay. Your system shifts into a bespoke mode while it's activated which prioritises the resources of your CPU and GPU for gameplay. The goal of Game Mode is to upgrade the frame rate of each game.

Microsoft are set to build a lot of different gaming functions into Windows directly. Some of these won't strictly speaking be part of Game Mode, which comprises a toolbar known as the Game Bar and which can be easily accessed at any time with the shortcut 'Windows + G'. The toolbar allows you to easily record video, take screenshots, and broadcast to Beam - Microsoft's Twitch competitor - along with various other functions. Another new feature is the built-in function, allowing you to stream directly to Beam. In addition to this, there will be a panel within the Windows 10 settings used for controlling Game Mode, your Game Bar, and your broadcasting options.

Game Mode needs to be largely enabled game by game. To activate it, you simply open your Game Bar, enter the pop-up pane's settings, and check the box to enable the game that is currently open to enter into Game Mode. Microsoft have indicated that certain games may be capable of automatically enabling it; however, most are not able to do so at present.

Microsoft have yet to release any finer details concerning their intentions for the system once Game Mode is enabled. Now that we have a general sense of how gamers will be interacting with it, it seems likely that further information will follow to flesh out the picture.

A full release is still to come, taking place as part of Microsoft's Windows 10 Creators' Update, scheduled for release in the near future. If you require more information or help with Windows 10 or any other Microsoft programme, contact us for expert Microsoft IT support today.

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