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Microsoft to unveil new Surface hardware in late October

Date: October 13, 2016 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: , Comments: 0

New Surface. In what will be a clash of the hardware titans, Apple and Microsoft are due to unveil their next generations of PC hardware within days of each other at the end of the month.

Microsoft could be gunning for Apple users with a rumoured all-in-one Surface device to cater to the iMac crowd in both homes and offices. Business executives will be waiting to get their hands on new, even more powerful, Surface Pro notebook convertibles. The one device unlikely to be shown off, unless Microsoft is double-bluffing, is the Surface Phone, which Microsoft could delay until 2017, or 2018 according to some tech opinion, leaving its mobile product line dead in the water.

Expect the new Surface models to feature Intel's latest Kaby Lake processors and Nvidia graphics chips. Kaby Lake processors offer around a 10% performance improvement at less power drain, which is essential for good mobile performance. They also provide support for new connectivity options, with USB 3.1 ports, Thunderbolt 3 and DisplayPort 1.2 likely to make it to the edge of the Surface.

The event, which is set to be webcast live from New York has been badged as "Imagine what you'll do", a tagline which suggests plenty of creative options. This also hints that the all-in-one with a very big screen size would be perfect for design offices, large-screen presentations or ideal for the family home.

While Windows 10 continues to evolve, it is already a better OS with its tile icons to be used on a large screen than previous versions of Windows. We suspect Microsoft would love to show this off at way below the price point of its huge $20,000 Surface Hub 55-inch or 84-inch collaboration products that have been regularly delayed.

Whatever products are announced, they will help launch a new cycle of upgrades and refreshes. Companies will need adequate backups and, if expanding into the cloud on the back of an upgrade to Windows 10, advice on how best to manage their data. Get in touch for our latest IT services and support information.

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