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Microsoft's Azure is gaining on dominant Amazon Web Services

Date: March 6, 2015 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: , Comments: 0

Microsoft's Azure is gaining on dominant Amazon Web Services
Good news for Microsoft: the enormous effort the company has been putting into its cloud-computing solution, Azure, in recent times is paying off. That's according to the results of a new poll, which shows more companies opting for Azure over market leader Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The poll, conducted by US cloud analysis firm Virtualization Practice, reveals that 39% of firms questioned said they used AWS while 35% were using Azure. It also shows that 27% of respondent firms have private clouds, while 18% aren't in the cloud at all and are operating their own networks.

Both Microsoft and Azure have been rolling out new features in recent months as they attempt to capture new business from one another, as well as smaller rivals, and with prices increasingly being slashed, it's a win-win for businesses looking to migrate to the cloud as they get more for less and therefore become sleeker enterprises.

One of the lures of Azure is Microsoft's business software, encompassing everything from spreadsheets to word-processing, email, messaging and more. As they're now being hosted in the cloud, it makes sense to be there too, so that these products deliver optimum performance, and can be accessed from anywhere.

It seems increasingly clear that when companies are looking at cloud companies with a view to migrating to their services, it's not the brand itself that's the main draw, rather the functionality of the data centres – what they can deliver for individual firms. That's certainly one reason we're seeing a bigger move towards Azure.

After all, all cloud platforms offer more or less the same basic features of storage, on-demand run-time operations, security and vast economics of scale, among others, which can help to transform companies into highly competitive enterprises as they ditch their costly and slower in-house systems. That’s why it makes business sense for firms of all sizes to be in the cloud.

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