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Not every cloud has a silver lining

Date: March 31, 2015 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Cloud Services Technology Tags: Comments: 0

Not every cloud has a silver lining
We're hearing almost every day about the enormous benefits of cloud computing to just about any kind of company. While it's true that this fast-developing technology is giving huge boosts to firms and changing the entire business landscape, there can be some unexpected pitfalls - unless you look out.

So let's start off by looking at one of the main reasons companies ditch their in-house systems and make the move to cloud computing, where their data is stored in large banks of servers that are also used to run programs and apps. Speed and enhanced productivity are often touted as the main benefits of cloud computing, helping to make companies more efficient and therefore more competitive in the marketplace. While that's certainly the case, firms need to bear one thing in mind: the speed at which they're able to access that data.

That means the internet connection from the firm's premises to wherever the cloud computing operation is based. Lower speeds will mean companies just won't be able to access their data or run programs or apps as fast as they could on their on-site systems. If that happens, it may prompt a re-think of why the company migrated to cloud computing in the first place. IT support will be important in determining access speeds before any move, as well as maintaining it afterwards.

Companies considering migrating to the cloud might be under the impression that they can use their existing computers and servers in the cloud; while they can use their own hardware, not every server is up to the cloud task. A data centre naturally has its own IT professionals keeping the system running, and they're the ones in control of hardware and software, not, unfortunately, their clients.

There are lots of other areas where companies can get the wrong end of the stick when considering cloud computing services, including security issues and moving from one cloud provider to another. As always, getting the right advice before doing anything is the wise option. Make sure you don’t make a mistake with the cloud, and that you do discover its silver lining – contact leading IT support company NSIS Systems today and find out all you need to know.

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