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Prepare for the Windows 10 anniversary build

Date: April 29, 2016 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: Comments: 0

Prepare for the Windows 10 anniversary build. As Microsoft continues to push Windows 10 to all types of users, businesses now need to get serious about their upgrade path. Whatever version of the Windows OS you are using, Windows 10 is the only way forward as support for previous versions ends. The Windows 10 anniversary version will launch in July to celebrate one year of the new OS. It will also mark the end of the free upgrade offer for most users, which is a pretty good reason for many smaller businesses to upgrade.

The new anniversary version will feature an array of major, and some subtle, changes. One of the new features is a refined Start Menu, making it easier for tablet and desktop users to work on convertible devices. An improved pen interface for stylus users who like to write, artists and creatives who need to draw and other use cases is also on the way, with users able to make notes anywhere. Microsoft also continues to refine business friendly features and services, with regular updates for Office 365 (which can now be searched verbally by Cortana), cloud storage and Azure services integration for larger companies.

While there are many benefits, there are some features that will confuse users, such as Microsoft's insistence on saving files to the cloud by default. That won't sit comfortably with many, and if you're not sure how to change these settings, or aren't sure how to upgrade safely, our IT support team is on hand to help out and explain the best way to use, or avoid, Microsoft's cloud services. You may also want to consider if your existing IT is up to scratch; we can arrange cost-effective procurement of new systems, all running the latest OS.

One word of warning: the latest Microsoft financial results show Windows 10 Mobile device sales plummeting. These will now likely be on offer at low prices as stores try to unload stock. Only get them if you are happy with an all-Windows ecosystem, and consider that more popular iOS and Android devices are supported with apps for all Microsoft Office and cloud services. Microsoft will continue to support mobile for many years to come, but hardware updates for devices may become increasingly scarce as buyers lose interest in the platform.

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