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Preparing your business IT for the winter

Date: October 1, 2014 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: , Comments: 0

Preparing your business IT for the winter - NSIS Systems

Preparing your business IT for the winter

This sounds like the title for a third-rate disaster movie, and that actually isn’t too far off the mark. People prepare their homes and vehicles for all that the colder, wetter times can throw at them, so why not also look to thoroughly protect your business?

Some points to ponder. Firstly, it’s more likely, even in London, that you will suffer from areas such as storm or flood damage as the weather worsens. Secondly, it’s also a time when, often for these previous reasons and others, your business could suffer from sudden power outages. By the way, if you don’t like the use of this Americanised term, it’s fair to say that add a single R and it may well described exactly how you feel at that moment – power outrages!

So why are we suggesting that these events post danger signals for the functioning and profitability of your business? Simple – many companies still don’t prepare themselves adequately for the unexpected. This can be simply the problem caused when one or more of your staff catch whichever dreaded lurgy is currently doing the rounds and choose to curl up and sob quietly at home! Equally, depending on where they live, key team members might simply not be able to find a passable route to work when the snow starts falling.

There are two vital ways that we can help. Firstly, working with you, we can create an IT support service plan to help cover whatever staff problems you might encounter. Then, when needed, we can step into the breach and provide the vital back-up that’s essential to keep your business functioning.

Secondly, we can talk to you about ensuring that you have an adequate cloud back-up package in place. Any damage to your premises or equipment does not then mean that essential data is, at worst lost for ever, or even just unavailable in the short-term. Either situation can cause severe damage to your relationships with key clients and thoroughly frustrate your team as they try to overcome whatever problems have arisen.

So, as well as traditional winter advice such as “wrap up warm” or “go carefully”, can we just add “make sure your business or organisation is prepared”?

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