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The sky's the limit as businesses and politicians get to grips with cloud computing

Date: July 21, 2014 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: Comments: 0

The sky's the limit as businesses and politicians get to grips with cloud computing - NSIS Systems

The sky's the limit as businesses and politicians get to grips with cloud computing

The adoption of cloud computing services is set to increase rapidly as more businesses become aware of the potential benefits.

According to the results of a new survey compiled by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, an increasing number of organisations across the world are taking advantage of cloud computing. As a result, these firms are enjoying greater agility, cost savings and improved relationships with customers and clients.

A total of 527 representatives from large and medium-sized firms based around the world took part in the research project. A total of 70 per cent said they had adopted some form of cloud computing, and of these companies, 74 per cent said the move had provided their business with a competitive advantage. Respondents said the adoption of cloud strategies had helped to make their firms more agile in terms of responding to the needs of clients and the rapidly-changing international marketplace, while also reducing complexity and improving communications.

It is not just companies that are appreciating the significant role that cloud computing will play in the near future. Authorities within the European Union understand the need to embrace the cloud, something highlighted by the European Commission's decision to adopt a new digital strategy aimed at guiding cloud computing policy throughout the EU. The body has looked at opportunities for simplifying standards, establishing fair contract terms and finding ways to boost innovation and development.

It has been estimated that the cloud could contribute as much as €250m a year to the economy in Europe by 2020. However, realising this potential will involve facing the current challenges head-on and putting the right policies in place to make it easy for organisations to make cloud computing part of their future business strategy. The European Commission has said it is important to act fast not only to make Europe "cloud-friendly", but "cloud-active".

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