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Why it's time for your business to take to the skies

Date: June 30, 2014 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: , Comments: 0

business to take to the skies- NSIS Systems

Why it's time for your business to take to the skies

Cloud computing - everybody is talking about it and many businesses are doing it. If you are still wondering whether the cloud is right for your critical data, here are some reasons to make the switch for the good of your business.

Being brave and making the leap

How safe is your data right now? Can you be sure it is being backed up effectively every night and that your data would be safe should your server hardware suffer a failure? Are you able to access your data on the move, experience high speed access to your data and share your data easily with clients and colleagues? Additionally, do you know how much your hardware and software is costing you each year?

It's more cost effective than you might think

Choosing the right cloud computing for your business doesn't need to be a challenge and doesn't have to be a drain on your IT budget. Cost is almost always an issue when it comes to IT, and it could be the reason why you haven't made the switch yet, but the good news is that there are many cost effective business packages available.

It's extremely important that you choose a business cloud package over a consumer cloud package. While consumer offerings from Google, Microsoft and Amazon are user friendly and secure, they do not offer the robust security, scalability and flexibility that a business cloud solution can bring.

Other reasons to move to a business cloud solution include:

- High SLAs - get the support you need when you need it
- Online backup - remove the burden of responsibility from your IT support teams and get instant access to backed up data
- Anywhere access - access your data from any mobile device or computer regardless of its location
- Flexibility - solutions to suit any size of business in any industry
- Scalable - your cloud hosting and backup package can grow in line with your business
- Cost effective - free yourself from the high costs of hardware procurement and software licensing

Moving to the cloud can make your business more productive, more competitive and more agile. At NSIS Systems, we offer a range of cloud hosting and backup solutions and would be delighted to speak to you about your needs.

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