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Will Cortana change your search?

Date: September 23, 2014 Author: Stephan Buys Category: News Technology Tags: , , Comments: 0

Will Cortana change your search - NSIS Systems

Will Cortana change your search?

With the Windows 9 launch quickly approaching, more information is being leaked about what Microsoft's newest operating system is going to include. One of the elements that is expected to play a big part is Cortana, the virtual assistant application that is already available on Windows phones.

Cortana, much like iOS's Siri, allows users to perform searches in a more intuitive and user friendly manner. With Cortana integrated fully into the desktop operating system, it potentially offers computer users the ability to interact with their desktops and laptops in a unique way.

Combined with the removal of the Charms menu, something many Windows 8 users disliked, it seems that Cortana might be the primary way users will be able to search for things both on their computer and on the internet. Combining these features into a single search will likely be an addition to Windows 9 that many users really like.

However, for many business users, the addition of Cortana might present some concerns. Whether you are a personal or business user of Windows 9, it will still be important to take online security seriously. Working with a trusted IT support company, and enlisting the IT support services they offer, can help you safely use all the features of Windows 9.

The switchover from Windows 8 to Windows 9, and getting users familiar with Cortana, is still a few months off. The new operating system is likely to be released around the middle of 2015, giving any business and their IT support plenty of time to plan for the change.

In the meantime, though, the possibility of a highly integrated search feature like Cortana can be seen as good news, especially for the more technophobic users of Windows computers. While previous versions of Windows required quite a bit of technical understanding to find certain settings, a personal assistant application can make it as simple as asking a question in normal language.

Before making any changes, though, it can be worth discussing the pros and cons of the new operating system's features with an IT expert. Whether you need IT support for your existing operating system or are considering an upgrade to Windows 9, an IT support company can be a big help.

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