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Windows 10 anniversary update promises major improvements

Date: July 1, 2016 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: Comments: 0

Windows 10 anniversary update promises major improvements. Windows 10 has been out for nearly a year, which means it’s almost time for Microsoft to launch the operating system’s first ‘Anniversary Update’. Most updates tweak the operating system in minor ways or simply fix security vulnerabilities and bugs. In contrast, the planned Anniversary Update will make major changes and improvements to the Windows 10 OS. The changes are designed to make the operating system more efficient and more versatile for both businesses and individual consumers. So what can you expect from the update if you’re a Windows 10 user?

Firstly, Microsoft are continuing to emphasise Cortana and make her a more integral part of the Windows experience. Users will no longer need to sign in to access the voice-operated digital assistant, as she’ll now be positioned above the lock screen. This will save users time and simultaneously put Microsoft’s Cortana on a par with Apple’s Siri.

Secondly, the update will serve as the debut for Windows Ink. Windows Ink allows users to quickly scribble notes on the touch-screen using a stylus. This gives users a more naturalistic, intuitive way to make notes on their tablets and other touch-screen devices. What’s more, like Cortana, this feature will be available before users have signed in, making it more expedient than other forms of digital note-taking.

Finally, the update will improve Windows Hello, which currently allows users to sign into their devices using their face or fingerprint. Microsoft hope that, after the Anniversary Update, users will be able to access some websites using Hello, too.

Such major changes are exciting, but they can also be intimidating, especially for individuals and businesses who have only just gotten used to using the last iteration of Windows 10. Luckily, this needn’t be a problem. Here at NSIS IT, we offer a huge range of IT support services. If you experience problems with any of Windows 10’s new features, we can help you. We will help you resolve your Windows 10 issues whether you’re one of our regular customers who receive complete IT support for a monthly subscription fee, or a first-time IT support user who only needs a services on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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