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Windows 10 Pro users can now access Windows Store

Date: May 9, 2016 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: , Comments: 0

Windows 10 Pro users can now access Windows Store. As a business, you don't want users downloading any old apps to Windows 10 PCs or mobile devices. To that end, Windows 10 Pro administrators have been able to block access to the Windows Store to keep users on task and desktops free from trivial apps. However, Microsoft has now changed this policy, so that now only Windows 10 Enterprise and Education users can block access to the store.

While the Windows 10 store is curated and theoretically free from malware and dangerous apps, unlike some of the Android stores out there, this still places businesses at risk. Users can download unwanted social media apps and games to waste their time, and they could download unofficial productivity apps that could break functions or data compatibility. They could also download cloud storage apps and start copying company data offsite, which could pose a business risk. Workers may do this on their own initiative to try and make their tasks easier, without realising the trouble they could cause.

Since the only way to avoid this change is to upgrade to Window 10 Enterprise edition, and deal with all the licensing complexities this involves, smaller business owners and IT workers will have to be on the case when it comes to monitoring this change, which took effect with the recent 1511 Windows 10 update. When it comes to IT support, we can help find a third-party solution that will continue to block access to the Windows Store, or suggest other workarounds. We can also provide advice and instructions that you can send to workers about the perils of using unofficial apps in the office and the risks they create.

If your business is looking to upgrade to Windows 10, we can provide managed IT support services to help with the transition and also offer connectivity solutions and upgrades to boost your networking power, procurement to provide you with new, faster and more reliable systems, plus access to the latest cloud services to help reduce your software bills and help your business grow. Windows 10 offers much improved productivity and security features, and should be high on the agenda for companies of any size as support for older operating systems ends.

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