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Microsoft unveils new wearable tech at Computex 2016

Date: June 7, 2016 Author: Stephan Buys Category: Article Technology Tags: , Comments: 0

Microsoft has unveiled a new piece of wearable tech at the Computex 2016 conference in Taiwan. The tech is part of Microsoft's new 'Hello Windows' Companion Device Framework, which will allow third party companies to develop hardware which integrates with the Windows system in order to afford the user increased security and a more immersive experience with their Windows devices.

The piece of wearable tech in question is the Nymi Band, developed by the Toronto-based tech company of the same name. The Nymi Band is a stylish bracelet which allows users to log in to their Windows 10 account with a fingerprint scanner, which is built in to the device. This is available for both mobile and for the first time desktop, presenting a significant progression in Microsoft's shift toward desktop-related security and functionality development. It also represents an important leap forward in increasing security for desktop users. Fingerprint scanners are now commonplace on mobile devices and some laptop models such as HP's range, but are rarely seen for desktop computers. The increased security will be welcomed in the business, finance and tech sectors among many others.

Incredibly, Microsoft also announced at Computex 2016 that the functionality for the Nymi Band is already built in to Cortana, meaning that users will not be experiencing a lengthy wait for developers to build software integration into a future patch of Windows 10, or even the next Windows operating system. Instead, the Nymi Band could be coming to market as soon as by the end of 2016.

Also announced at Computex 2016 were a number of other hardware devices designed to integrate with the Hello Windows Companion Device Framework, including a facial recognition camera so that, unbelievably, users will be able to log in with their face. Also available was another fingerprint reader, this time as a small USB-compatible device.

Windows also commented that all new systems from Microsoft would have these features built in to the hardware, but making the devices available as add-ons means that users of older Microsoft systems would have the opportunity to take advantage of this fantastic tech.

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